Plan a Registration Drive

A community drive offers the opportunity for people to ask questions and get registered on the spot.
Be Involved

Steps to Success

Below are a few helpful tips to consider when coordinating your drive.
For some, the voting registration process can seem a bit intimidating. Having an in-person, walk-up event where you or others are available to answer questions and step registrants through the process can often lead to much success. Voter registration drives don’t require any particular type of expertise and there is almost no cost to host one.

01. Check in with the Election Board

Reach out to your state or local election board to let them know of your plans and to ensure everything you’re planning is compliant with state law. You can also find out voter registration deadlines, where to get voter registration forms and where to mail or submit them.

02. Know the Rules

Oklahoma does not require training for registration drives, nor does the state have notification requirements. Before scheduling your drive though, be sure and review the guidelines to ensure you are compliant.

03. Pick the Right Place

This is the single most important factor in your event’s success. You’ll want to consider locations that already garner a lot of foot traffic and activity such as:

04. Recruit Volunteers

Should a lot of people show up to register, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of people on site and ready to assist. Gather family, friends, colleagues, neighbors or classmates to help lighten the load.

05. Promote Your Event

There are several ways to spread the word about your registration drive — put up signs or banners around town, issue a press release to the local paper, create an event on Facebook or share on social.

06. Set Up Your Drive

Make sure you have plenty of voter registration applications, pens, clipboards and collection envelopes on hand. If you will also be accepting digital registrations, have laptops or tablets set up with the registration address bookmarked. You may also want to consider offering swag, food or other items to everyone who passes by, whether they register or not (be careful not to offer incentives in exchange for registrations).

07. Register Voters

This is no time to be reserved — be visible, accessible and helpful. Walk up to people and help them register. Ask if anyone has any questions. Double-check registrant’s forms to ensure they’re properly completed. See if anyone might need assistance getting to the polls on Election Day and research potential solutions. Thinks of this as your party and you are the hosting attending to each of your guest’s needs.

08. Turn in Forms

Complete the process by turning in the voter registration forms to the Oklahoma State Election Board or local County Election Board. Forms can also be dropped off at any tag agency that issues driver’s licenses and state IDs, as well as designated public assistance agencies — they will mail the forms at no cost.