Be Prepared

To ensure your voting day goes smoothly and seamlessly, know what to expect in advance and how to prepare.
How to Vote
Voting Checklist
Election day is right around the corner. Be sure and review the checklist below.
Confirm you are registered to vote at the OK Voter Portal.
Make sure you have a valid form of identification.
Know the location of your polling place, it will be listed in the OK Voter Portal.
Know the hours of your polling place.
Under Oklahoma law, registered voters are allowed time off for voting either on Election Day or during early voting periods. This does not apply to employees if a three-hour voting period exists before or after the employees’ normal working hours. Please consult with your employer.
If you are in line when the polls close, stay in line. Your vote will still count.
Review a sample ballot ahead of time – you can find these online through the OK Voter Portal or Oklahoma State Election Board.
Research any questions on the ballots ahead of time so you’re prepared when you arrive at your polling location.