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Getting registered to vote or updating your registration is easier and faster than ever.
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Are you eligible?

The first question to answer is, am I eligible? Remember, if you’re previously registered in another state, you’ll still need to register in Oklahoma. Other criteria are shown below.
Citizen of the United States
Resident of the State of Oklahoma
18 Years of Age or Older*
Convicted of a Felony**
Judged Incapacitated by a Court***
*Persons who are at least 17½ may pre-register if they meet eligibility requirements. Pre-registered applicants cannot vote until they turn 18 years old and their application has been approved. Applications received less than 25 days before an election, in which the applicant has turned 18 and is eligible to vote, will be held and processed immediately following the election. **Persons convicted of a felony cannot register unless they have been pardoned or have fully served their sentence — including any term of incarceration, parole or supervision — or completed their ordered probation. ***Persons judged incapacitated by a court cannot register to vote.
How to Get Registered
Method 1

01. Fill out and submit applications electronically.

Register online using the OK Voter Portal’s Online Voter Registration System. An Oklahoma Driver License/State ID and a signature on file with Service Oklahoma is required. Applications can be accepted at any time, but must be received at least 25 days prior to an election in order to participate in that election.
Method 2
By Mail or In Person

01. Fill out a voter registration application.

Applications are available at your County Election Board, most tag agencies, post offices or libraries. Applications are also available to download and print online.

02. Sign your application.

Sign and date your completed application.

03. Submit your application.

Either drop off or mail your completed application to your County Election Board or the State Election Board.

04. Allow enough time.

Voter registration closes 24 days before an election and mailed applications must be postmarked at least 25 days before the election.

05. Receive your voter ID card.

When your application is approved, you will receive your voter identification card in the mail.

06. No voter ID card?

If you haven’t received your card within 30 days, contact the State or local County Election Board. Or check your registration status — you can vote without your card as long as you’re registered.