Find Your Polling Place

There are many polling locations throughout Oklahoma, so be sure and find the precinct that is assigned to you.

What to do on Election Day

You can only vote at the voting precinct assigned to you.

Each residence address has a specific voting location assigned to it and that’s where you’ll need to go come Election Day. Once you are registered, you can find your polling place at the OK Voter Portal.
When you arrive at your Polling Place

You will be asked to present a form of identification. You have three options:

Photo Identification

This includes a valid ID as issued by the U.S. government, State of Oklahoma or a federally recognized tribal government. It should include your name, your photograph and an expiration date that is after the election, unless the ID is valid indefinitely.

County Election Board Voter ID card

This is the card you receive when your voter registration application is approved.

Affidavit with Provisional Ballot

If you do not have or if you refuse to show proof of identity, you may vote by provisional ballot and prove your identity by signing a sworn affidavit. Provisional ballots are sealed inside special envelopes and are not put through the voting device. After election day, County Election Board officials will investigate the information provided by the voter on the affidavit and either will approve the provisional ballot for counting or will reject it based on the outcome of that investigation.Once you have presented your identification, you will be issued a ballot and shown to a voting booth. You’ll mark your ballot then take it to the voting device and insert it.

Do’s and Don’ts

Did you know polling places have a dress code, too?
Mainly it’s a “what not to wear” code. Oklahoma has restrictions on “electioneering,” which is advocating for or against a candidate or issue on the ballot within 300 feet of the ballot box. So remember to leave those shirts, hats, buttons or other accessories at home or you may be asked to remove them, cover them or leave.
One thing you can bring is notes.
Small notes or a marked sample ballot are acceptable, but be sure and keep them out of public view until you are filling out your ballot.