Types of Elections

Elections are divided into two categories — statewide general elections and municipal elections.
How to Vote
When Are Elections Held?

Statewide General Elections

Statewide general elections occur in even-numbered years. They take place on the Tuesday following the first Monday of November.

Statewide Primary Elections

Statewide primary elections precede the general elections. They occur on the Tuesday following the first Monday in March preceding the November general election. Legislation passed in 2021 delays the primary election in 2022 — pushing it back to June — so as not to interfere with ongoing redistricting efforts.

A variety of national, state and county officials are voted on in statewide elections including:

Primary Elections

These are nominating elections that serve to narrow the field of candidates for a given elective office in advance of the General Election. There are two types of Primary Elections.

These elections select nominees for political parties
(Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, etc.). They are also
known as Closed Primaries as voters must be a registered
party member to cast a ballot.

Oklahoma is a Partially Closed Primary state, meaning each
political party chooses whether to allow registered voters who
are unaffiliated with the party to participate in the election. The
Democratic Party holds semi-closed primary elections, and the
Republican Party holds closed primary elections.

Also known as an Open Primary, these elections select finalists regardless of party affiliation. The top two vote-getters move on to the general election.

General Elections

These elections follow the Primary Elections and they determine which candidates are elected to office. General Elections occur at local, state and federal levels.

Municipal Elections

These are local government elections in which votes can select the mayor, city manager, the city council, county executive and county commissioner, district attorney and school board.