Lincoln County

Population: 34,936
Largest City: Chandler



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Your Story Has Value

Oklahomans from all walks of life speak up about the importance of voting and upholding their values.

It’s important to vote. But more importantly, it’s to get the right people in there.

Restaurant Owner, Wellston

I’m teaching my daughter that she has a voice.

Stay at Home Mom, Chandler
Speak your values

Your Story Has Value

Every voice. Every value. Every vote. Oklahoma is stronger when we work together. That’s why we interviewed Oklahomans across the state, of all different ages, races, genders and professions and asked them why they’re voting in the upcoming election.

Oklahoma Needs Your Vote

Tribal leaders urge Oklahomans to vote this year.
Vote Your Values Interview with Jada Oliver. March 2022.

Vote for What You Can Do, Oklahoma

Voting is your best way to make your voice heard.

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