Oklahoma County

Population: 792,668
Largest City: Oklahoma City



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Your Story Has Value

Oklahomans from all walks of life speak up about the importance of voting and upholding their values.

We have power, and we’re able to elect people that can really represent our communities the way they should be.

Legislative Candidate, Oklahoma City

For people who feel like they’ve been marginalized …taking part in an election, maybe volunteering for an election, getting out and registering to vote and actually voting – this is your way of taking control.

Oklahoma City

I’m a military brat. My dad served in three wars Vietnam, World War Two and Korea. Our forefathers fought and died for our right to vote. That’s what makes our government work. You need to be heard, and you need to get out and vote. I’m not saying which, which party or which politician you need to choose, but you need to get your voice heard.

Retired Machinist, Oklahoma City

We really need to protect our freedoms, and one of the ways we do that is by voting.

Beth Ann
Teacher, Oklahoma City

I feel like history has has taught us if, if nothing else, that when we push people to the margins, we’re really hurting ourselves.

Park Volunteer, Harrah

There’s really not a single thing you do every day that’s not impacted by how people vote.

Oklahoma City

If you’re not out there supporting whatever your cause is and it might not happen.

Construction Engineer, Choctaw

I would encourage everyone to vote and not only vote, but get others out to vote too.

Retired, Choctaw

I wish the politics of the world were quite different than they are right now. I know there used to be a time when we voted for the best candidate. And now, unfortunately, it seems more partisan than it does anything, meaning people vote for the party that they belong to. And I wish it were so simple as it was back years ago when we would vote for the best candidate.

Retired, Jones

One thing I can say about being American, you do need to get out and vote.

Retired, Oklahoma City

I would certainly like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to understand how important it is to vote in all of our elections, whether it’s a local election, county, state or federal government election, it’s really, really important to register and vote and exercise the right that we have in this country to vote.

Restaurant Manager, Harrah

Get out and vote because you can’t let the politicians make all the rules.

Del City

In a state election, I would like to see somebody come in that could that could bring people together and fight for a common cause.

Construction, Harrah

Help the farmers help the little business people. That’s the heart of America…We need to get out and vote and watch what God will do now.

Janice & Gary
Oklahoma City

It’s up to the people to vote.

Oklahoma City

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Republican or Democrat, whoever is going to be best for the country or state … every vote counts.

Small Business Owner, Oklahoma City

I think it’s important to elect leaders that are more willing to work together with each other to find solutions to problems rather than look at the other guy and say, here’s what they’re doing wrong.

Food Service, Arcadia

Please get out and vote, or keep your opinion to yourself.

Physical Therapist, Oklahoma City

When we vote, we determine who is in office and whoever is in office usually determines how things are run and how things are done, and so I think it’s really important to get out and vote for the right candidate.


I think everybody should go vote. It would make a good change for our economy.

Montrel & Nicky
Oklahoma City

Whatever your party affiliation is, doesn’t matter. Just get out and voice your opinion.


Voting is how you get your voice and your values out there.

Oklahoma City

I think we need to start having leaders that can sit down and say, ‘OK, I’m willing to sit down and talk with you if you’re willing to sit down and talk with me’ in a civil way that we can that we can compromise on.

Student, Edmond
Speak your values

Your Story Has Value

Every voice. Every value. Every vote. Oklahoma is stronger when we work together. That’s why we interviewed Oklahomans across the state, of all different ages, races, genders and professions and asked them why they’re voting in the upcoming election.
Vote Your Values Interview with Tim McCoy of Midwest City, OK. February 2022.

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Voting is your freedom, use it.

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Voting Is More Than A Right

Voting is our civic duty as Oklahomans.

Make Your Voices Heard, Oklahoma

Your values are worth voting for in 2022.

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