Pottawatomie County

Population: 72,511
Largest City: Shawnee



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Your Story Has Value

Oklahomans from all walks of life speak up about the importance of voting and upholding their values.

I know I’m in Oklahoma, that’s a red state. That doesn’t mean everything. That blue is a bad idea. You have to be able to walk across that aisle to make some of these decisions.

IT Technician, Shawnee

I think it’s important for people to vote so that they have representation and so that we have a diversified representation with our elected officials.

Business Owner, Shawnee

Voting is your opportunity to shape the community you live in.

Executive Director Food Resource Center, Shawnee

I believe we all need to stand up for something and vote for what you believe in.

Speak your values

Your Story Has Value

Every voice. Every value. Every vote. Oklahoma is stronger when we work together. That’s why we interviewed Oklahomans across the state, of all different ages, races, genders and professions and asked them why they’re voting in the upcoming election.

Oklahoma Needs Your Vote

Tribal leaders urge Oklahomans to vote this year.

Get Involved, Oklahoma

Voting is important to your community.

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