Woodward County

Population: 20,352
Largest City: Woodward



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Your Story Has Value

Oklahomans from all walks of life speak up about the importance of voting and upholding their values.

Freedom comes from voting.

Retired, Woodward

Just because something doesn’t affect me doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a very real effect on somebody else…one of the reasons to vote is because it affects someone somewhere.

Legal Assistant, Woodward

I just encourage you guys to get registered to vote and make a difference in the environment.

Barista, Woodward

My most important thing is anything that has to do with my business. That keeps me voting because everything that goes into law affects me and how I can operate my business. Anything that has anything to do with my children or their future gets me out there, too, because everything we decide today affects them tomorrow.

Tattoo Artist, Woodward

Get registered and go vote.

Manager in Training, Woodward

As a business owner, I’m super concerned about Woodward’s economy and our state’s economy.

Business Owner, Woodward

My vote isn’t going to change anything in my daily life right now, but it will for my children in 10 years.


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